2012 Grill Removal;

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Hey guys, I need to know how to take the honey-comb grill inserts out of my 2012 express.

I looked around and there seems to be a bunch of paper/plastic covering the top access AND a washer fluid tank in the way on the driver's side.

Do I have to remove everything just to get the plastic grill out?

Will 'permanently' removing the paper/plastic covering effect airflow or warranty in any way?

Thanks for the help!
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I took my grille inserts out. You need 2 people and a flathead screw driver. There are plastic clips that hold the inserts in on the actual grille, they just snap apart. there are about 10?? i think
Cool, thanks for the reply! Two people huh? I read somewhere that there are 12 bolts to take out around the grille then the whole thing lifts out, then the inserts can be take out.

does that sound like what you did?

I have a 4th Gen.
sawzall???? That should make quick work of it.... :D
lol, yea... a sawzall would get that thing out and more. still curious about the 12 bolt thing. anybody?
Start by protecting the paint on the upper bumper cover with some masking tape.The tape will keep the grille from scratching the paint as it comes off.

Remove the plastic clips that hold the radiator cover. Under the cover you will find bolts holding the grille on. I believe there were four. Once unbolted the whole grille assembly tilts forward releasing the bottom clips then you pull on the whole assembly to remove it from the truck.

Once the grille is out the insert is removed by releasing all of the clips holding the insert to the grille surround.

Good luck.
blackdrop, what do you plan on doing with them after you remove them? I'd be interested in buyng them from you, I'm trying to dechrome my 2011.

let me know,
Apstram - Got it! Thanks.

You were right there are four bolts along the top of the grille. After pulling the radiator cover, they were smiling back up at me.

There are two clipping sockets at the bottom corners that were simple to figure out, again like you mentioned.

GOOD CALL on the tape! no scratches. Highly recommend this tip and will probability use it throughout my modding as a FIRST STEP every time!

LC Hauler - just dropping in a hot rod badge, I'm keeping the "teeth" in there.

Thanks again y'all
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