2012 Ram 2500 w/ H&S Performance Mini Max

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They say pictures say 1000 words so...

The truck

The Kit (The first 2012 truck in Canada to have the kit installed)
EGR Delete
DPF delete
Fuel Shims

The Results

Fuel Milage @ 100km/h with cruise control

FULL THROTTLE (insert black smoke)

This is my work truck! We use it as a plow and for long haul towing. Were also an H&S dealer so we also use this as a "tester" truk for our customers.

The customer service @ H&S is amazing. They know what they are talking about & go the extra mile if there are any issues.
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So that's like 22mpg, right? LOL... If my math is right and I'm not losing my mind... that's awesome for that truck! I almost got a diesel for their insane mod-ability, but the maintenance costs couldn't be justified by me b/c of my lack of need to tow really anything very heavy, lol... but I still love 'em!
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