2012 Ram R/T questions

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Just bought a Ram R/T with the 5.7 Hemi. Have a few problems/questions???

1. With the 22 inch wheels it is a little to high for me. Are there lowering kits/blocks available.

2. Is there a "cold air intake" available for this truck. The only ones I could find were up to 2009 ony.

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Congrats, any intake thats fits the 09+ will work. The most popular drops are 2/4 or just a 2 inch rear drop to level it out. I have a brand new Ground Force kit forsale.
I have a 2/3 drop on mine. Any intake will work 09+. it's not the wheels making it "high" it's the suspension. It's got more rake than a 4x4! Dodge is retarded lol

What is the drop on the Ground force kit you have and how much $

What kit did you use and where did you get it???
Did you notice that one of our supporting vendors has a group buy on right now??
Ed- I used a ground forse 2/3 drop. Bought it on eBay.
Big hoss, Thank you.

How do you like the Flowmaster Super 44 mufflers. I had Super Turbos on my 98 SST as was thinking of putting them on this one.
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