2012 Ram Towing/Electrical Problem

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I am having problems with my trailer tail lights. The turn signals and brake lights work, but the tail lights do not. I want to disconnect the pig tail plug to put in a jumper from the actual right tail light. Cant't seem to get it disconnected from the back of the trailer plug in. Any Ideas?
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Do you have a 4 pin or 7 pin? I pull trailers all the time and every once in a while when things like that happen (I have 7 pin), I spray a little wd40 inside the plug on the truck. It seems to help all pins make better contact. If that don't work then probably a bad ground
Our northern climate is brutal on trailers and electrical components. Those are just a few things that are typically most common issues. Hope it works out for you
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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