2012 RT 5.7 Hemi 390 HP - Piece of Crap...

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Just got back from the dealership. Complained that the trans was slipping. Dealer said NO, it is perfect.???

390 HP and I can't even "chirp" the wheels from a standing start???

I can rev the engine while driving and the RPMS go up but the truck doesn't do anything.???

With the pedal down it shifts through gears like its slogging through Jello.

Is this for real??? Is the dealer right?? What canI do and not mess up my warranty????????

$30,000 for 390 hp???????????
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Your R/T might have been made by some ex-GM Canadians! My '11 R/T with Magnaflow will burn 'em with all the buttons on but really lets loose with T/C off and manual shifting. My '04 Titan with Magnaflow, CAI/TB, Superchip Tune and simple ABS will light them up as long as I stay on the throttle. There must be 75 HP between the Titan and Ram but they feel worlds apart and I'm waiting like the rest of us to use my DS Tuner on the Ram.
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