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I sold a cherry 98 Ram SST that would burn out from a dead stop for this. SAD...

Also sad, I don't have an Owners Manual... One came with the truck on CD, but the CD blows my computer (blue screen). I called Chrysler and they said "Yes, that happens a lot". I tried to download one and kept getting the User Guide instead. Finally Chrysler said the would send me a hard copy.

In the mean time can anyone tell me "How to a shut off my Traction Control?"

Any one else having a problem with this "new" 6 speed automatic????
thats funny, my express has a hard copy and a cd. As for traction control, theres a button on the dash of my express under the radio with a little truck laying rubber....push that. Not sure if thats the traction control off button or the burnout mode on, never tried, i didnt spend 30g just to burn rubber.
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