2012 speedo cal issue

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I just took my brand new 2012 diesel back to the dealer today to get larger tires put on and when I asked him to make sure to recalibrate the the speedo for the larger tires he told me he can't do it to the new trucks. He said the last one he tried it on screwed up the program and he spent 3 hours trying to get back to normal. So he's not even going to attempt it.

Has anyone heard of this? Sound funny to me.
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Personaly I wouldn't touch the speedo and just calculate the tire size to find how much speed difference it give me and just adjust my speed when I drive.

Don't want to have my truck stuck at the dealer for days (or maybe week) just because they screw up the computer.

On a positive note since you have bigger tire that mean your gonna be doing more miles then your odometer is telling which might increase resell value :thk:
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