2012 Sport map lights...

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Hey guys, wanna put in some LED bulbs, map lights look like a 194 bulb. Having a B&%#h of a time getting them out...any tricks would be greatly appreciated!!
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zip ties on the base is what i used. good luck!
a lot of patience is pretty much all that it takes.

You may have to pull down the overhead console a little bit, and move the reflector out of the way slightly (just be careful not to knock loose the switch tab thing-a-ma-jig as it can be a bit of a joy to put back in).

Another option is to find someone with small fingers that can grasp the bulb and pull it out for you

good luck

Wrap them in electrical tap so that a little bit overhangs on the end. Then get some needle nose pliers and grab the tape, not the bulb and pull. The tape that is stuck to the bulb will pull the bulb out.

Thats what I did, worked first pull.
Good luck!
Well, I managed to get them out, patience was the key. Why did you guys put in for LED's? The ones I picked up aren't as bright as I expected.
What color are you looking for?

The map lights are actually a 921

Myself and many on the forum get our LEDs from and are running the 921-X12 bulbs for map lights. Some people say the cool white are too bright and step it down a bit but if you want to run a colored bulb like myself and a few others it makes the colored light very usable actually
Actually, 2012's use 194 bulbs. I will check out the website, thanks for the info.
Wow really? maybe the 2011s do too and Ive just been using 921s cuz they come in more colors... I know Ive had my 194s in my map lights before.... Ill have to investigate. thanks for that
Well, 921's would have been alot easier to get out!! Trying to pull out those 194's with my fat fingers wasn't easy I'll tell ya! Ended up putting in some Putco white, just what I wanted, nice and bright!
Goodluck with your future "LED-ing" !.. You have joined the crew !..
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