2012 Sport w/ 6" BDS + Billsteins

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Hey guys,

Just got my truck back from the shop and would like to share these foto's..

Lift: BDS 6". 5" Fox shocks in the rear.
Bilsteins in the front are set halfways
Dual steering stabilizer

Rims & Tires: Rockstars 20x10
Toyo Open Countries MT 37x13.5x20

I dont have any rubbing at all and have about a 1/2" of space between the tire and upper arm control.

Measurements for the center of hub to fender.
Front: 27.5 Inches
Rear: 28.5 Inches

Before the lift:

When she was clean:

From the Side:


Front Axle:
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Anytime you lift a truck and put 37's on it you will notice a power loss. I noticed a little but after my tuner I have it right back. When you set your tire size it helps BIG time!! Then when you add the tuner for more power its another WOW!! So when the tuners come out for the 11's and 12's its a must to have. You can go ahead and buy a tuner for the tire size and gear ratio if you change gears. then when the tuner comes out for the truck you could up date the tuner.
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