2012 Sport w/ 6" BDS + Billsteins

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Hey guys,

Just got my truck back from the shop and would like to share these foto's..

Lift: BDS 6". 5" Fox shocks in the rear.
Bilsteins in the front are set halfways
Dual steering stabilizer

Rims & Tires: Rockstars 20x10
Toyo Open Countries MT 37x13.5x20

I dont have any rubbing at all and have about a 1/2" of space between the tire and upper arm control.

Measurements for the center of hub to fender.
Front: 27.5 Inches
Rear: 28.5 Inches

Before the lift:

When she was clean:

From the Side:


Front Axle:
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I have the same truck on 22" monsters with 37x13.50r22's. I was just wondering what steering stabilizer you have, because they told me that they don't make one for trucks with a rack and pinion. I would really like to get one, but can't find any.

beautiful truck! want to sell it?
I want to buy a 13 express crew. should i wait for v6 or 8 speed hemi?

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Actually it is on the market. $37000. It has 20300 miles as of today and books for 33000 stock, and there's at least 11000 worth of extras that aren't even a year old yet.
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