2012 sxt double din

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hi im in need of some real help i just bought my truck a few weeks ago and i have my jvc double din from my other truck that i want to put in my ram does anyone know where i can get a stero bezzel for a double din and the mounting kit. ive looked on ebay couldnt find anything and the custom shop out here wants $1000 to fiberglas me just the face bezzel witch is tooo crazy but if anyone has any ides it would be greatly apreciated thank you.
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If you go to a shop, they can hook up any stereo into your truck without it being a high speed bus radio, all they do is rob a switched power, thats the way mine is done, no adapter needed, no issues..................I had mine installed at my dealer, from single to dbl din, he had a kit, and it looks factory.............
Also these trucks have euro antenna, you will need a euro to to standard or motorola adapter
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