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Alright guys, my 2012 6.7 has 1000 miles on it now.

Been reading up alot on the motor and so on.

Concerned with doing the delets due to warranty issues but at the same time it seems that this motor needs these to last and work.

My question is do i reall y need to do these things or can I wait until my warranty is up? This is my first diesel so it is nice as is for me.

This truck only gets driven a few miles a week until i tow my 32' 5th wheel.

Thanks in advance for any help offered.
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haven't had a diesel since my 5.9, but i think there is a way to just unplug and "plug up" some of the new epa controls. if not, running a few miles a week won't help. need to to take it on a good run to have a complete regeneration cycle.

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letting a diesel sit and sit is probably one of the worst things you can do IMO.

You really do need to use it for what is meant for to keep that emission stuff working and clean. The list of items that suffer from infrequent or short trip use is long and expensive. (turbo rusting, egr and dpf plugging...... )

I am not an expert mechanic by any means but I have owned several diesels and still have one sitting in the garage and I have learned from owning them if you do not drive it and use it for what it is designed for its not worth having. That is the reason I got rid of the ones I have and just got a 2012 Hemi.

As far as the mods go, I don't think I would do anything that will effect your warranty on a new truck. You could end up with a 50 to 60k truck that you will have to pay for repairs when it should be taken care of by the dealer. Now with that said I did about all the mods you can think of on the last diesel I had after warranty was up and got a little better milage and power but spent a ton of time and money to get there. Then you have to find someone that you trust and can work with to do your programming and mods..... For me that was kinda tough. Lots of shops said they could help but when it came down to it most of them fell short of my expectations.

The one other thing that caused me some heartburn was when I decided to get rid of the last diesel I had for the gas I currently have the dealers did not want to take it on trade because I modified the emission devices. SOOOO I had to put things back together to meet an emission inspection. In SD they do not currently do inspections but like most dealers the ones here sell all over the US and must be legal to sell anywhere.

What kind of mod's were you thinking of doing?

Once out of warranty if you are dead set on doing some mod's I would pitch the EGR system, remove the DPF and DEF devices, and do a full Intake and exhaust. Those mods IMO will give you the greatest performance increase and some milage gains as well. You will also need to have a custom tuner of some sort to make all that work.... I really like the SCT line of tuners.

Good luck with your decision.... I kinda crossed into both sides of this dilemma here but I promise I have been down this road several times and all I was hoping to do was to get you to think about all the angles.... Not talk you out of or into anything.

Take care,


Oh ya.... I should say all the mods I suggested are for an off road vehicle only according to the EPA regulations.:4-looney:
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