2013 Plug & Play HID Install

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Long story short these kits were originally installed on my 2011 Ram. I pulled these out when I traded her in on my 13.
The goods...
Low Beam Kit... Beamer 35Watt 6000k Kit with Anti Flicker Modules 9006 Bulbs
You can use a 9006 bulb in place of the HIR2 bulb by trimming one of the large tabs on the bulb. Makes it a lot easier getting bulbs.

Fog Kit... Beamer Canbus Ballasts 35Watt 6000k Kit 9006 Bulbs

Upper ballast in this shot is the low beam, the ballast in the bottom of the shot is the fogs. The anti flicker module for the fogs is tied up underneath. I recommend using di-electric grease in any of your connections that are mounted in a way they could possibly collect water. I learned that lesson the hard way. I always try to mount in a way that the connections are facing down eliminating any possible water pooling within the coupling.

Not wanting to drill holes in the back cover of the headlight I notched out a small relief in the housing and ran the wires out the bottom. I then sealed the wires with silicone.

I am super happy to have HID's back as the light output in these trucks just isn't good enough. I think at some point I am going to change up the low's to a 55 watt kit as I'd like just a little more light when running without the fogs on. Also in the future I'd like to retro in projectors into the fogs.
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Great post Shane, I think at some point I am going to do HIDs in my new ram, the light out put is ok and better than my 04 but like you said its still not good enough.
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