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Hi guys, looking for some help and I have not seen my issue in a thread yet.

I have a 2013 ram 1500, my stereo is the uconnect RA4. A few weeks ago the stereo just quit. the rear view camera works perfectly when put in reverse. Stereo lights up when vehicle is started and displays the RAM symbol but stays on that screen. I have tried the following:

  • checked fuses and all are fine even the hidden one located under the hood on the in-line
  • Disconnected the battery for an hour then reconnected
  • software upgrade from uconnect
  • soft reset by holding cold and hot buttons
I purchased I used unit today and Installed it. this new unit didn’t light up. I noticed when I had the units side by side they have different model numbers which could be my issue.Original model number is VP3 and the used unit I purchased is a VP4.
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