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Hi all,

I am starting to worry that I may have made a mistake in purchasing my Ram 1500 In June of last year.
I bought it new, and have 6k on it in almost a year, I have had a few minor things wrong with it and 2 things that were intermittent.
1- sometimes when I turn the key on it is like my truck is dead, No sound, no turn over or anything. Just dead, turn the key a few more times and it starts.
( this has only happened 3 times, one being 3 days ago ) As it was not happening all the time I had not mentioned it to the dealer until today. They could not find anything wrong with either of my keys and did a reset on it and want me to monitor ( which is fine )

2- Radio - Have the standard stock radio in it and a couple times when I start the truck the back light of the display is lit but NOTHING on the screen is written, None of the buttons work except the volume, so cant change radio stations or anything just turn it up or down, turn the truck off and back on still the same. Mentioned it to the dealer today and they did some looking around and they need to replace the radio in it with a NEW ONE. ( PARTS TO BE IN NEXT WEEK)

3 - The Drivers seat squeaks, Told them that it feels like it was coming form the back of the seat part ( they I guess felt that by me saying it was the lumbar part they decided when I had it in last week that they said it was the cushion and a bolt) so they replaced that and said the noise was corrected. Get in the truck drive 5 mins on the way home and the noise is still there.
May 27th - they addressed this issue again today and NOW believe me when I say it is coming from the lumbar area and now they said they need to order a whole new seat frame as it is one piece and the noise is coming from the back piece. ( parts to be in NEXT WEEK )

4- On may 21st when they had it in to replace the Y pipe and the Cat Converter, They were addressing a Minor squeak in the rear of the truck when going over bumps. - After I got the truck back it was great - :) Until May 25th when there is this horrible sound coming from the back of the truck when you drive down the road and sometimes happens over bumps but not all the time. I did a video of my on standing on the back of my bumper and jumping up and down.
So it was in today for that as well and they tell me that it now needs 2 NEW SHOCKS 9 and they wont be in for a week either)

5- The Engine Knock that I had posted previous about - On the 21st of May they had the truck in for a noise from the engine that is worse when being started and does get a little quieter once it is running but is still there.
They acknowledged the noise and tired to diagnose it and found that the Y pipe had a crack down the side of it which they say that they RARELY see a crack like that as it is usually a split where they tighten the bolts to attach it but not a crack down the right side. Service Manager confirmed that they replaced the Y pipe and also believes that they put a new Cat converter in as well. ( This attempt to correct the noise did NOT work and it is still present )
On May 27th when they had it today I dropped it off last night so that they would have it for this morning and they claimed that they were NOT able to duplicate the customers concern. but yet when I picked the truck up this afternoon it is still there and noticeable. ( THEY said that they wanted me to leave it and they will relook at it next week when I have to take it back to have all the other parts replaced. ) I am thinking that I need to maybe go and have it looked at by a different shop and see if they can diagnose the problem. The issue for me is that the truck almost sounds like a Diesel and it shouldn't.
I had a ford F150 before that I never had any of these issues, Especially with a NEW truck and only having 6,000K on it in a year. The truck has NEVER seen offroad yet, never hauled anything and only has had the 4x4 on it 2 times this winter.

So for a Brand new 2013 Dodge Ram 1500 that is 11 Months old I have 6,000k on it has needed.
1- New Y Pipe and Cat Converter
2- 2 New Shocks - after re lubing everything
3- New drivers Seat
4- New Radio
5- Intermittent starting issue
6- Engine Knock Or Piston noise ( That they cannot fix or decide what is wrong with it, but did acknowledge that they were able to hear it in the video and also last time the truck was in.)

Is it me or does that not seem excessive for a new truck to need for repairs.

I have put all of this in ONE post so that anyone that may have any of these issue may be able to see what they have done to correct some of them. :)

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(correction) #6 I can help you out with as I had the 4.7 in my dakota. It's going to be one of two things worn lash adjusters, or a broken timing chain tensioner. The only question I have for you is do you have the right oil in there it's an overhead valve motor so 5-20 to 5-30 is the right oil for that motor. If it is the tensioner it's not a difficult fix for the shop, and parts are usually available for that as it has a high failure rate.
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