2013 Ram Bluetooth/uconnect Issue

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Is anyone having issues with their Bluetooth/uconnect not linking up or staying linked up to their phone? Ive had to reconnect my phone with my Bluetooth/uconnect in my 2013 Ram twice now and now its saying that my device is not in range?! WTH, is the driver's seat too far from the head unit?
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The funny thing is I bought my truck in October the day I bought it I added my iphone4S. Everything worked fine until last week. I've attempted numerous times to reconnect it and my phone is telling me that the device is out of range. My phone wont recongnize my uconnect and my uconnect wont recongnize my phone. So I don't know, I have a call into my dealer now so we'll see..

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Is anyone having issues with their Bluetooth/uconnect not linking up or staying linked up to their phone?
Only since the day I brought the truck! Well not really--it worked ok for a few weeks when brand new....

My travails and the joys of traversing the wide variance of knowledge RAM customer assistance/Uconnect folks have on the issue have been loads of fun. I finally gave up, got a new phone which is a lot better but still has some issues from time to time that I am certain are the trucks fault this time.

Here's a list of what I learned.

- there's a list of supported phones produced by Ram. Don't believe it. It's useful to get RAM's support help to fix it--if your phone is not on that list, most tech support will tell you it's the phones fault even if it is not--but that's about it.

- Some phones will connect fine for awhile and then start having problems with no rhyme or reason to it. This is normal for some phones.

- Steps to take if your phone paired fine but stops pairing for you--often simply re-booting the phone by pulling it's battery out for a minute then sticking it back in will help. You can also remove the phone from your uconnect system, then add it back on.

- if your phone is a model first produced several years ago or more and never did pair well, see if you can update the phone software.

- Phones that work fine may stop pairing when your phone's software changes. Some phones--I think Iphones are most notorious for this--update software automatically without asking or telling you. Ask your phone company if your software version recently changed. If it's a phone RAM claims to support on uconnect, call Ram tech support.

- if your phone is older it may never work perfectly. Ram will suggest a newer phone can resolve much of your issues. You will then find that your new phone is so new it's not on Ram's supported list.

- There's a constant dance between release of new phones with new software versions and RAM folks working on making them compatible with uconnect. Newer phones that are very popular sellers stand a better chance of getting RAM staff to work to make them compatible than less popular phones.

- don't bother calling your dealer for phone pairing problems. Call Ram customer service, and if you get someone who is obviously reading from a menu that is of no help to you, ask to excalate the problem to a case manager. Can't tell you how many times I heard things from one tech support person that were completely refuted by another. Case managers that deal with these problems all day long are dramatically better equipped to help your --even if that means confirming you are SOL--than many of the basic customer service staff--who themselves are better than dealers.

I gave up a phone that has persistent inconsistent pairing issues--but worked well for hand calls, voice calls, and display of contacts when it did pair--for a newer one that almost always pairs fine but won't always load contacts or allow voice dialing to work.

As a contrast, In Ford's 2013 sync system the old phone I had wouldn't pair at all--the new phone works flawlessly.

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I remember the beginning of the home computer wave. Back then only a few companies were making affordable PCs. Their customer service was horrible. If you called them with a problem on your computer the first thing they asked was did you update the software or add any software or hardware? If the answer was yes, they would tell you to call the manufacturer of the hardware or software and would refuse to help you. When you would call the software or hardware customer support they would tell you they didn't build the PC and to call the PC manufacturer. It was the ultimate game of pass the buck.

I added a video card. To make it work I needed to turn off the PCs on board video. I called Gateway (PC maker) for help after it was installed they said since I added it they wouldn't help me. I lost it. "What the hell do you think people do in the real world? Do you think your product is so awesome that all I need to do is take it out of the box and it well never need updating or a single thing added to it? Software is going to need to be updated. So your lifetime support stops as soon as Microsoft releases an update? You are going to be out of a job really quick." I then hung up and called back to ask how I disabled the on board video. They asked why. I said I was installing a video card. They said they couldn't help me. I talked them into forgetting the video card. I said just tell me how to turn off on board video since they made the PC. I finally got them to tell me.

Uconnect reminds me of PC manufacturers in the beginning. They are so ready to pass the buck. Their favorite phrase seems to be "You will need to bring it to the dealer." What the hell good does the assistance button do in the truck then if I need to bring it to the dealer every friggin time?

The point of Bluetooth is it's ability to be universal. From the problems people are having (Me included for awhile.) with it working with Uconnect it doesn't sound too universal.

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my dealer called this morning and said that my 2013 Ram has a uconnect update available, so I'll get that done and keep you all posted on the how it works...
I had some connectivity issues with my HTC One and Galaxy Nexus on the bluetooth media connection. About 1 out of 8 times it would connect like it should. The phone portion would always connect but not the media (pandora, other music played over bluetooth). I would have to cycle my bluetooth on my phone to get it to come up.

I updated my Uconnect firmware back in December and it has been flawless since. Updating your Uconnect may solve your issues.
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