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I have a Ram not even a year old although 2013 it was purchased mid-September. I like bass in music. Always have. I figure if Dodge builds it in then the system should take it right? Well not on all bass responses but on enough of them it rattles. I noticed that it's worse when the doors are open. Hmmmm ... is the closed door holding something tighter? Still, they rattle when closed somewhat, but less. I push on the panels and there is a little bit of give. I figure enough that low bass might rattle the plastic panels holding the speakers against the metal frame of the door. I then got the proper tool and started to turn the first screw. It moved! Ahhaaa! Loose screw. But then it never tightened. Inspection found all the screws in both doors turn and never tighten. Is this normal? Is it possible that a look-alike screw but shorter was wrongly substituted? I hesitate to take it in fearing they might do some "johnson-rigging" on it with larger screws that don't look right. Would anyone be willing to see if the plastic panel screws on their back doors spin in the sockets or actually are firm and tight? I'd appreciate this. Jack ":-Dx
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