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I have been driving a rental 2014 SLT 2500 CTD, w/REF and 3.42 gears for about a week after someone driving a 2004 Dodge 3500 side swiped my truck while out on a road trip. While my 6 month old truck is in the shop I have had the chance to compare my signature truck with the above mentioned truck. Needless to say it has been an interesting experience. Here is a list of my observations:

(1) For the first time I'm actually hearing what a CTD sounds like going
down the road. With all the insulation in the Limited which includes
the firewall, in the top of the dash and the transmission tunnel I don't
hear the drivetrain noise much at all. I guess it would be a waste of
money to buy a aftermarket exhaust for the sound. The extra
insulation is kind of a love hate thing. I like the sound of the motor
but I don't want to hear the rest of the outside noise.

(2) The fuel economy with those 3.42 gears I could get use to real quick
compared to what I get with my 4.10's. I'm seeing 20-21 around
town on this rental truck.

(3) The difference in the two transmissions has been an eye opener
too. The difference has become a love/hate situation too. With
the RFE tranny the truck just seems to idles around town if I
keep my foot out of it. On the other hand if I put my foot into it
I don't see as much hesitation during take off. I think it just may
be just a little quicker on take off than my truck. It is a lighter
truck than mine though, since the rental is a SRW short bed.
I think if you don't have a heavy load to haul, my rental truck
would be more responsive and more fun to drive.
I think the programming for the RFE and the AISIN are entirely
different and meant to be because they have different purposes.
It seems to me the RFE is programmed to be an all around type
truck tranny to do a little bit of everything whereas the AISIN is
programmed to be more of a work truck transmission. The AISIN
isn't as smooth as the RFE when it shifts but then again most
big truck transmissions aren't either. The 2 to 1 first gear in the
AISIN I think is one of the reasons the RFE has the AISIN beat
on smoothness, whether the AISIN is up shifting from first or
down shifting into first you really feel that 2 to 1 reduction.
Since I'm in the market for a 5th wheel that will probably gross
out at about 21-22,000 so I think the truck I have will better suite
my needs. If I had the extra money for a daily driver I think I
would choose the RFE and 3.42's.

Well, the above is my observations/opinions which may differ from others but that's just my take on it. I welcome input from anyone that wants to chime in or ask a question. If I can give an answer I will be happy to.
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