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2014 Ram 1500 4x4 Hemi Crew Cab Express
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At 203k one of my lifters on Cyl#8 shaved a camshaft. I swapped it out with a junkyard hemi and kept mine for an 03 Dakota swap.

Current build list:
  • Stage 2 HRT cam kit from CompCams w/ MDS delete
  • Holley Terminator X Max
  • Longtubes
  • Either T56 or my 46re built for 600hp and a full reverse manual valve body with ratchet style shifter.
  • Heads will be cleaned up, polished, and valvetrain replaced to work with the cam.
My question are:
  • If the cylinder walls look good with cross hatching, do you recommend replacing the rings or leave them?
  • Replace cam bearings and rear main seal?
  • Check rod bearing specs?
  • What do you recommend if an engine has 203k, shaved a camshaft, and will be getting a performance cam?
I'm trying to keep the price down as low as possible since I'll need to get the transmission working. Something tells me my NV3500 wont hold up very long behind a hemi.
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