2014 Big Horn Tire Pressure/5.7 Crew/short bed

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Sticker on truck says 39lbs all around. I have the 20" goodyear rsa's. Do all the 2014 rams with 20" wheels have the same suggested tire pressure? I guess I'm asking because the truck does ride a bit better with a little less pressure. Also my last vehicle, GMC Yukon with 20in wheels suggested 32lbs all around. Not a pick-up truck I know but still pretty heavy.

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Thanks--I really don't like the Goodyear stock tires, I've had them before and thought the ride wasn't as smooth as the michelin LTX's. I'm probably more fussy than most but I can tell the difference in the ride. Of course the michelins are about $300 per tire so i'll probably wait as long as I can before replacing. I was hoping that lowering the tire pressure and getting the goodyears rebalanced would help smooth it out but it really didn't help much. Just a slightly softer ride.
Mine are at 41 psi on my Quad but I also plan on getting either the LTXs or BF Goodrich ATs once the Goodyears are up.
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