2014 ram 1500 rear airbags ???

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Hi, I'm sure this has been talked about before on here, but does anyone have any recommendations on a rear airbag set up for my 2014 ram sport? I already have the truck leveled and am mainly wanting them to keep the rear from sagging while towing. I would prefer not to go the compressor route as I will not use them very much, I'd just like to fill them as needed. If anyone has some part # or links to the stuff you've used and had good results with please share as that would be very helpful. Thanks!
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I also installed airlift 1000's and couldn't be happier.
Do any of you know how much lift they give at certain air pressures? As in will 10lbs bring the rear up 1" etc..? Thanks

Good question... I wondered the same. My F150 had rear leaf springs and installed a set of Firestone riderites which gave me about 2" @ 25 psi. Ram is different. I currently run about 30 psi with minor (if any) lift. these actually go inside the rear coils and the truck doesn't appear to rise while inflating. However, the rear does feel a touch higher and it doesn't squat with a load. The best part is the ride. I'm not sure how, but the ride might actually be better than stock now. My F150 ride quality suffered big time with the riderites.

By far the best $90 mod I've put on a truck. :)
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