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Forgive the long post.

I am hoping somone can offer hints.

I have a 2014 Ram 1500 4wd Hemi (120k) I bought the truck in November. Truck was super tight, all suspension in great shape, felt brand new!

I upgraded the tires to 275/65/20 ATs 3 months after owning it. About a week later I installed new Bilstein 2.8s (set @ 2.1").

Immediately after the install and wheel alignment then front end felt "sloppy", "loose" and "clunky" when going slow over bumps or entering driveways etc.. It is more pronounced on the Drivers side, and especially when turning driver over bumps. Not so noticeable at faster speeds. I also feel it when braking and accelerating sometimes (load).

Thing I have checked/ done to troubleshoot:

1. I have removed the whole strut assembly on both sides to ensure proper installation of the Bilsteins. YES the washer is in the right spot, YES I tightened the middle strut nut with springs compressed.

2. I have even loosened all suspension in the air, set tires on ground and retorqued all.

3. Replaced the sway bar links /bushings with no change.

4. I have loosened all forward Body mounts and re-torqued with no difference.

5. I have checked the torque on the dash to tunnel support

6. I have checked the torque of the bracket under the console

I am super frustrated and disappointed as what felt like a NEW truck when I bought feels super sloppy and worn.

I have searched a ton and read a ton of threads on this topic BUT none of the suggestions seem to have stopped the clunk.

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