2014 RAM 1500 transmission update

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After putting about 2k miles on the truck I had developed a list of small unforeseen issues that I brought to the dealers attention. The process was expedited by the AC compressor going out, we'll come back to that though.
The transmission had an issue with a small bump after coming to a complete stop and the truck settling, almost like it was a rough drop back into first gear. Some times it would happen during the stop and sometimes it would happen when I took my foot of the brake, moving it to the accelerator. A heavy clunk into first is the easiest way to describe it I guess. After the first trip to the dealer, they verified my concerns and replaced the valve body in the transmission as well as a PCM flash to try and get the transmission to relearn the shifting pattern. It was horrible. It really only made the problem worse and exaggerated the down shifts from 4th to 1st considerably, I gave it about 500 miles to "break in" it did get a bit better but I still was not happy with how it was performing. My second trip to the dealer, is when the AC compressor went out, it happened on my way home from work and the dealership was on the way so I figured I'd kill 2 birds with one stone and have them deal with the trans and compressor. I purchased the truck with 64k miles and opted for the extended warranty, probably one of the better decisions I have made in my life.
They fix the compressor and state they did another PCM flash and made some adjustments, it felt better but still not like other 8 speed transmissions I have ridden in. So about another 2 weeks goes by and AC blower resistor is on its way out. Another trip to the dealer. Same story. AC and transmission. My service advisor and I are now on a first name basis. Not something I'm happy about being that I have only made 2 payments on the truck. 3 days later I have my truck back with a new blower motor and a BRAND NEW transmission from Chrysler. I'm happy at this point and feeling like this should alleviate the issue and I can move on from my biweekly trip to the dealership. Although it was a new transmission, straight from the manufacturer, I'm still feeling the clunk. I'm not sure what to do at this point or if I should just live with it, but the dealer states the clunk is "somewhat normal" I call BS. I read somewhere on a earlier forum that this may be caused by the 2 piece driveshaft not being properly lubricated at the joint. I'm not sure if there is any weight to this claim but I'm open to any potential ideas at this point. Aside from that one issue the truck is great!
I am looking from going to the 3.21 gearing to 3.92 since I plan on going from 33' tires to 35's, is there anyone out there that has made this swap and can give me some feedback?
Also looking for a E-locker/air locker for the rear since the truck is only 2wd.
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If the clunk happens after you come to a stop (like when you take your foot off the brake), then it's not the transmission. The trans downshifts to 1st before you get to a complete stop. I'm not surprised that the new valve body (and new transmission!) didn't fix it.

I'd take a closer look at: (1) fuel tank slosh, and (2) driveshaft slip yoke lubrication.
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