2014 ram 180* stat temps and fan settings

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Hey guys just installed the duralast 180 stat on my 2014 ram 1500 with 8 spd. I'm just trying to see what temps everybody is getting after the swap and what fan settings on the trinity they are using. I'm seeing 185 at idle and about 186-188 with normal to half throttle driving. fan settings are 195*, one thing I did notice with the trinity that is confusing me is when you go to the fan settings it says "cooling fans AC OFF" then you click on it it has to options to adjust "high MPH HS on" and "low MPH HS on" I have them set to 195* but I was under the expression when it says off that's where you set the temp for the fans to shut off at?? And then the other fan setting option is "cooling fans AC ON"
When you choose that it come up with "HS fan ON" I was assuming this is where you set the temp for them to go ON?? Any one that could point me in the rigjt direction on the settings would be great

I also noticed my trans temp are much higher then they where on my 6 speed I'm getting 176* at idle 180-183* normal driving what is everyone with the 8 speeds getting
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Mike the later model 6 speeds have a tranny thermostat,and operate noticably higher in temp then the earlier 6 speeds.
2012's and newer 6 speeds usually operate at around 190 or higher.
My 13 used to run at 201F on tranny temp before i removed the thermostat,it now runs in the 140 to 165F range.

If you look through the grill on 2012's and newer you'll see an aluminium block that the tranny lines run into,with the number 55111005AC on it,that's the thermostat controlling tranny temps.

I removed mine as i didn't like my tranny temps running constantly over 200 degree's.
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