2014 ram lifts

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so ive been lurking on this forum reading away for a long time. ive gotten rid of the 98 one wheel peel and traded up to a new 4x4 sxt which im picking up next week. by the time September rolls around. ide like to put a 4" lift on it. and after next winter throw some tires and rims on it.

but the real question is which lift to buy? ive been all over the internet doing some research and im stuck on what to buy. rough country was an option but after digging deeper ive changed my mind. i find the quality control in not there. so far its either skyjacker fabtech or rancho.

so what is your guys opinion? i like my quality but i also have a budget i would like to stick to for now.
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I agree with both Boosted and Brandon. Zone offers the best bang for your buck. If you are gonna go with the the 4" lift are you going with the 2" rear or 3" rear? If you are going with 3" rear then i suggest spending the extra $100 and get the 6" lift. you will have alot more option for tire and wheel fitment as well as the ability to not have front strut spacer installed essentially giving you a 5" lift in front or keep the strut spacer in add some bilstein 5100 adjustables down the road if you decide to go taller.

You wont be disappointed with the Zone lift. My full 6" lift with 35s fits in the standard 7ft garage clearance. Hope this helps.

PS. with my 3.21 gears had a chance to tow 5k pounds this weekend without any power issues and was able to hit the last snowfall with this setup and zero performance issues.
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