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This smell I have had for around 45k on the truck ( truck has 190k ) and today when I had to tow something, it came very often.

It smells like burning rubber, and since it has been happening for a long time, I would THINK if anything was to break, it would of shown its ugly face by now but it hasn't.

Typically, on my 130km round trip routine to work doing regular highway speeds, the smell would come for roughly 20-30 seconds, and in order for me to make it go away, id crank down the window, and it would go away and when windows went back up, smell was next to gone.

Today, I had a 6x12 enclosed trailer that I needed to tow. The smell came 10-15 mins or so, during my trip.

I saw on a thread --> Won't let me link it but it's called "Bad smell = BIG warranty"<--- that the issue was caused by a different coolant change and rad hoses. I couldn't find if this issue was resolved when you would swap out these parts and change the fluid, but I am not sure.

I don't think it's electrical because if anything was to short, i'd get a code right away and then i'd know.

I am debating ordering new hoses and doing a complete flush, but if anyone has ideas I should try first, please do comment.

Link to thread ; Bad smell = BIG warranty issue!!
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