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Looking for some input from anyone that can help. . I have a 2016 Ram 5.7 v8 hemi with 44,500 miles. I am the only owner and I do not beat on this truck. Up until 2 days ago, I have had no issues with this truck. It is a lease that was under warranty for 42,000 miles so I am coming here for some help first. I was strongly considering buying this truck out after the lease but not if these problems appear serious.

I am not a car guy by any means but I am a plumber and I can use my hands.

Check engine light has just come on..

Error Codes:

1) P0175: Bank 2 System too rich (confirmed)
2) P0300: Random multiple misfire detected (confirmed)
3) P0175: Bank 2 System too rich (pending)
4) P1129: Powertrain Control Module (Pending)
5) P0175: Bank 2 system too Rich (permanent)
6) P0300: Random - Multiple misfire detected (permanent)

I realize that there are only 3 unique codes here: P0175, P0300, P1129.

The truck had a pretty violent shake 2 days ago on start up but was fine when driving. It shaked on start up a little this morning but not after. haven't noticed any loss of power. I dont tow or haul anything with the truck. I do an oil change every 3-3500 with fully synthetic oil. I took down the vitals of truck after about 20 minutes of driving...

Gauge Summary:
Coolant: 201degrees
Trans: 190degrees
Oil Temp: 208degrees
Oil: 32Psi

Thanks for any help

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I just finished an injector swap and a spark plug change. Within 500 miles, I got a P0175. I read elsewhere here that an intake leak can lead to this code. You might check your vacuum lines, to see if any are cracked. With your truck's age, I would not think the plugs are an issue or the injectors or their seals, but it's hard to say.
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