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My only code is p2720 pressure control solenoid 4 voltage low as far as trans. Was pulling fifth wheel camper home in a rain storm and felt a big thud in the trans and lost power so I pulled over and truck now seems to be stuck in 3rd or 4th gear. Service electronic breaking system light came on as well as service 4wd system. Exhaust break was working intermittently/erratically while pulling over to the breakdown lane. The service 4wd system light has come on several times in the past on long trips mainly when pulling camper. 4 lo doesn’t work nor does the tap shift on gear selector. 2017 ram 3500 Aisin a69rc. Brought it to a shop and they call me next day saying it’s pretty much cooked, says fluid is “black as coal” which it is not and looks/ smells almost brand new and it’ll be 10K to install new trans. Trans has never slipped or gotten extremely hot ever. Just having a hard time believing it’s shot. Is there any way I can test the solenoid to see if I have a shorted out wire somewhere in the harness? Really trying to avoid the 10K for a reman trans.
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