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I recently returned home to TX from the summer in WY. While I was gone, I began having a few problems with my truck.

1. The driver's side front end is "clunking" going over bumps. Sounds like worn our ball joint or control arm.
2. The ApplCarPlay turns on and off. When I get a phone call the phone transfers from "hands free" back to the phone and back to "hands free" repeatedly.
3. The driver's side window switch (automatic) works going down but intermittently works going up.
4. The "service front sensor" warning keeps coming on and will not switch off. This has happened before as well and it was supposedly replaced.

When I picked the vehicle up I was told that the following needed replaced:
1. Front end parts= $2,248.58
2. Replace radio= $1,100.00
3. Replace window switch= $327.95
4. Front sensor replacement= $343.50
Total $4,020.00

The service person asked "if I purchased an extended warranty"? My reply, "why should I"? "Don't you have any confidence that your product will last more than 36K miles"? Service person: "none of these repairs fall under the drivetrain warranty."

So, I paid $55,000 for this truck two and a half years ago, and have 46,500 miles on it. Should I really expect to have to put over $4,000 into a vehicle that is barely broken in? I have owned over ten Toyota and Nissan products. NONE of them have ever been in for maintenance other than oil change and brake shoes. The only reason I got rid of my 2017 Toyota 4Runner was because I needed a 4X4 for my new job. I am really regretting that now!!! I was also trying to support the US autoworker by buying American--again, bad mistake. My next vehicle will definitely be a Toyota or Nissan!

If anyone on this forum has any ideas on how to escalate this case to someone who may be able to help me out, I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

My vehicle has 46,500 miles and has been meticulously maintained. No accidents or fender benders.
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