2018 Ram 2500 - my ABS / HCU just failed while the cruise was engaged on the expressway... [EDIT] 3rd HCU FAILED!!!

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<UPDATE 3/29>
This is now the 3rd HCU that has apparently failed. My original failed per this thread, Ramcares expedited a replacement, which arrived dead/broken per the dealer, and the dealer to dealer part they replaced it with has now failed 9 days after closing my original case.

<original 2/21>
I own a 2018 Power Wagon and while I was on the expressway my truck had a sudden deceleration and almost got us rear-ended.

I had the cruise engaged and it unexpectedly shut off and the whole dash lit up with ABS/BRAKE warnings and a Service Electronic Braking System was displayed on the dash. It kept dinging and spamming the cluster lights every 30 seconds.

I took it to the dealer and set up an appt (they can't even look at it for 4 days and sent me driving it home - hope it is safe to drive!). I am still under my extended factory warranty, but given everything I've read on these forums, I am now expecting to be told there is a parts issue and to expect months of waiting for a replacement HCU. This could kill someone and needs to be a recall!

My question - Aside from the constant dinging, is the vehicle currently safe to drive? Aside from the TCS and ABS not functioning, is the truck otherwise safe to drive? The failed HCU/ABS module will not completely render the brakes inoperable? It will just be like driving an older truck not equipped with ABS/TCS?

Has anyone recently had the work performed? How long was your parts wait?

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I have a 2012 2500 with the traction control issue related to the HCU. Was normal coming from work. Next day start to go to work and light is on. I stopped on way home and read code and it is a pressure sensor in HCU. So now no cruise, light in dash and probably no ABS. I had an 02 Durango had an HCU go bad. Why so many problems with this type unit, and evidently for years across many vehicles.
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