2018 Ram 2500 - my ABS / HCU just failed while the cruise was engaged on the expressway... [EDIT] 3rd HCU FAILED!!!

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<UPDATE 3/29>
This is now the 3rd HCU that has apparently failed. My original failed per this thread, Ramcares expedited a replacement, which arrived dead/broken per the dealer, and the dealer to dealer part they replaced it with has now failed 9 days after closing my original case.

<original 2/21>
I own a 2018 Power Wagon and while I was on the expressway my truck had a sudden deceleration and almost got us rear-ended.

I had the cruise engaged and it unexpectedly shut off and the whole dash lit up with ABS/BRAKE warnings and a Service Electronic Braking System was displayed on the dash. It kept dinging and spamming the cluster lights every 30 seconds.

I took it to the dealer and set up an appt (they can't even look at it for 4 days and sent me driving it home - hope it is safe to drive!). I am still under my extended factory warranty, but given everything I've read on these forums, I am now expecting to be told there is a parts issue and to expect months of waiting for a replacement HCU. This could kill someone and needs to be a recall!

My question - Aside from the constant dinging, is the vehicle currently safe to drive? Aside from the TCS and ABS not functioning, is the truck otherwise safe to drive? The failed HCU/ABS module will not completely render the brakes inoperable? It will just be like driving an older truck not equipped with ABS/TCS?

Has anyone recently had the work performed? How long was your parts wait?

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mine has been repaired. the first HCU sent to the dealer was faulty. They had to obtain another one.
I assume since you had that ram cares case that greatly sped up getting the part?
Codes have not been pulled yet. It just happened today at 730pm so the dealer was already closed. Did the exact same thing it did the first time though. I am not expecting a different diagnosis unless the wrong part was replaced the first time?

I have a service appt for monday morning. I will update the thread when i know more.

The service bulletin regarding the issues states to replace the HCU first, if the codes return then replace the ABS control module.
dealer had the truck since Monday. Initially they said there was nothing wrong and could not duplicate the issue. Then I got a call yesterday indicating they were able to reproduce and issue and pull a code indicating that a wheel sensor was failing intermittently and causing my issues. It is supposed to be getting replaced today and I am hoping to have my truck back today or tomorrow at the latest. I am not sure if that was the same issue from the start of this thread, or if my HCU truly did fail.

I also reported spongy / soft brake pedal after getting my HCU replaced. I wasn't sure if there was air in the lines, or if the new HCU just feels different in the pedal. The pedal now travels a LOT more before the brakes engage and if feels really soft with no firm stop eventually sinking to the floor unless I pump the pedal. I don't know how to best explain it other than if feels different than before.

I happen to find 2 in stock at a dealer about 3 hours away I went and picked up last weekend. Small town Iowa dealer had no idea they were impossible to get, had them on the shelf for a month lol.Installed one in my truck, gonna keep the other for a while then sell it. I had to bleed the brakes twice in mine to get a good pedal. It was spongy after the first time. The proper procedure is a manual bleed, then an electronic bleed with scanner. I did that cycle twice.
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