2021 Ram 1500 4x4 Trailer receptacle is HAUNTED!

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Help a retired geezer out - I plug a 2021 Tracker pontoon trailer into the Ram's round trailer socket? NO trailer lights work at all, none. The truck's tail lights DO function fine. but............ plugging the pontoon trailer into a 2013 Ford Explorer and a 2010 Chevy Traverse? All the trailer lights function 100% as they should. To further the mystery, plugging a 2008 boat trailer into the Ram's rear receptacle, either the flat plug or the round one? All that trailer's lights function 100%. So I am perplexed to say the least.

The pontoon trailer's plug works fine in two other vehicles, the Ram's receptacles work fine for a different trailer, leaving me to ask - "What the fergooglie?".

My troubleshooting skills tell me that the pontoon trailer's round plug and all its lights are fine, because they work 100% hooked up to the Ford and Chevy. The Ram's receptacles are fine because they light up the older boat trailer. But connecting the Ram to the pontoon trailer is a complete fail.

Can anyone point me to what might be the cause or need I hire me an exorcist?

Thanks for listening an YES, it's driving me nutz.
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i would say that the boat trailer has some corrosion somewhere in the electrical system causing the ram to sense a fault, where the other 2 veh being older do not have the computer monitoring everything and more of a old school trailer brake where they just work no mater what..
Try having your truck running before you plug in the trailer. That worked for me. Good luck.
I'll be with the trailer & truck over the weekend and have a few things to try - will report back win or lose.
Success...more or less. The 7 pin to 4 flat adapter worked 100% to connect the Ram and pontoon trailer. Further experimentation verified that one of the blades in the truck's 7 pin socket was not making proper contact with the pontoon trailer plug though it does with the other boat trailer. Rather than fiddle about bending the socket blades we will simply replace the truck receptacle with an OEM new one. Thanks to everyone who responded.
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