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Wow, looks awesome!!

I watched them put the rim on, and I could see that the hub was too small, and the pressure would rest solely on the studs. It's a cheap option, so if it will help the life of my rims, I'll go for it.

If you have any advice\tips on these wheels, please let me know!
See hub centric rims, tons of people have different opinions on them.

Been to a few shops and I hear both arguments.

Not Hub Centric: They say the rim should never rest on the hub in the first place, it is the studs job to hold it in position and take the load

Hub Centric: They say its easier to install because you just shove it over the hub and bolt the puppy on, but with hub centric rims you still notice a touch of play (1/16") possibly. So even with the hub centric rims your rims will not (well shouldn't) rest the load on the hub itself.

Again, its who you go to and what their opinions are. I know tons of guys who run rims that aren't hub centric they just need to make sure they are put on correctly so the rim isn't off centre
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