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Hi there! New to the forum but not to cars and trucks. Have been building my truck up to my liking and now having some issues.

I previously lifted my 2012 2wd 1500 with a lift spindle and rear procomp lift. It is my understanding that the rears of all 1500's were all the same so I got the procomp for that. The front being 2wd has the separate coil/shock combo so I went with the spindle lift. Wheels are still the stock 20's so nothing changed there.

Everything went together fine. Chose these lifts because it didn't change the spring rates and pretty much rides like factory just taller. 4-4.5 inches taller in this case. A little too tall for me and now looking into lowering it a little.

A rather annoying issue began to surface. I would hit a bump or pothole/etc and whichever side it was on, the truck would shift to that side.

My thinking is that the lift spindle, with mounting everything lower and out more, is acting like an offset wheel. This is why im looking at going back to the factory spindles since I didn't have these issues with the stock ones.

Looking around I've heard some 4wd guys would lower the fronts with 2wd spindles netting them about an inch lower. That being said, I should be able to do the opposite and raise it an inch and add a small spring spacer to get my desired height. The other issue is that the 4wd spindle looks physically taller or longer than the 2wd ones. Would this cause problems with alignments and other suspension components?

I know it's a lot, just trying to document this and hopefully help others if they run into the same problems/ideas and are as particular as I am. Thanks everyone
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