3.21 gear swap to???......

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good evening. first of all i am green as grass to this forum. i have a 14 ram 1500 CC with the 5.7L and 8 speed. it has the 3.21 gears. i am more than satisfied with the mileage it gets. i recently purchased a 28 ft holiday camper which weighs under 6k lbs dry. it seems pull ok off the start, mind you ive never pulled anything that heavy before. highway speeds its good. i was just wondering if i switched the gears then the motor and tranny wouldnt be working so hard. if so what gears would be recommended? i understand i will lose gas mileage but i will notice a difference in low end power.
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The 3.92s are nice but with the 8 speed I'm not sure if I'd swap gears unless I was constantly towing near the upper end of the tow rating. Even then I might consider talking to the dealer about trading in for a 3.92 equipped trucks. I've done gear swaps before. They are expensive ($1000 - $2000 dollars). With after market gears you can have issues with noise, etc. OEM gears you'll be limited to the ratios originally offered and they'll cost quite a bit more.
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