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Stupid question.. If I have 10 speakers aren't I going to need like 3 amps? I channel per speaker right? (including sub) I have a chance to get a Pioneer 4 channel cheapbut I want to know what i should be looking at. I have the 10 speaker system and have ordered new door speakers and dash speakers. If I get this amp which ones do I hook up to it? Do I bridge?
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Thanks for the info. I really don't want an amazing loud system. The truck came with a 10 speaker system. There is 3 in the dash. One in each door. 2 in the headliner and the factory sub under the rear seat. I don't want to add extra batterys and alternators. I was thinking of for now running the 4 door speakers off the amp. And leaving everything else controlled by the factory amp until I get enough money for another amp then adding the rt and lt dash speakers and a sub. Does this make sense?
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