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I just did the 3" cat back magnaflow setup on my truck.
I have a 2006 1500 ram mega cab 5.7 Hemi ..
I read up on the advice here and want to thank you all for the help, and add my success story.
I went with the MF-(14359) 18", 3"in/ 3"out polished center/offset muffler. no resonator.
For the pipe i went with 3" 409S Stainless Steel. I welded the joints instead of clamping total cost $250.00 with my lunch and drinks included lol.
I have to say wow. It sounds so much better. A nice bark on startup, a good roar on acceleration,mild rumble on idle, And the response is so much better. In cab with the windows up it has a quiet to mild tone not overwhelming. Definitely able to have a conversation with no problem.
With the windows down it has a grate sound makes it worth the time put in to do the job..
Thanks everyone who has posted, it helped me with my decision and i hope this helps someone
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