3" Leveling kit. Not possible...

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I purchased 3" leveling spacers for my 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Laramie 4x4. Everyplace I took it to try to install them told me that it was not possible and I would need new shocks and springs. Well a couple days ago me and a friend were messing around and decided to jack my truck up and take a look ourselves. In about 3 hours with none of the right tools we finished. All we did was detach the sway bar, drop the steering, unbolt the shock tower and compress the springs to insert the spacers. A fairly easy, "impossible" task. Has anyone else had shops tell them something is impossible?

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I had a shop tell me last summer that my 96' 2500 single cab long bed was to heavy & big to fit on any lift to put tires on. I just like to think they're lazy:i_rolleyes:.
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