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Sorry no one has any pics for you yet. I'm sure this has been done. It's just not extremely common. Here are the only pics I could find through a google search.

It's a 2002-2005 truck and it looks like it might have been lowered a little but you can get an idea. Is that the wheel you are thinking of getting?

I say go for it. All of the 3rd and 4th gen Ram chrome 20" wheels have very close to the same specs and should have a factory fit appearance. I think it will look great. I also have to disagree with the comment about avoiding chrome clad wheels. Chrome cladding is actually quite a bit more than just a "steel wheel with a plastic cover". The wheel underneath the cladding is actually an aluminum alloy and the "cover" is bonded to it in such a manner that it will never come off nor will anything such as dirt or water get in between the cladding and the wheel. There is a really long thread (probably several actually) on this site about the chrome clad wheels if you care to read them. To each his or her own of course but there are several benefits to chrome clad wheels over actual chrome wheels and I cannot think of any negatives.
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