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Hello all currently looking get some new tires by the end of summer. (03 Laramie 1500) I am currently running some toyo 275/60r20, 33s and want a bigger tire taller and wider but im not sure about clearance and how much performance will be hindered. Looking at the Goodyear Wrangler UltraTerrain AT's in a 285/65r20 which is the equivalent to a 34.5 in tall tire. will i be able to fit them on a stock suspension truck? and with the extra 10mm in width would they have more fender poke on the truck? not really looking to do wheel spacers? the biggest question is, will i notice a difference in acceleration? Plans are to do a comp 260 cam when i do the timing chain, a set of nice shorty headers and maybe a diablo tune along with a 4 inch lift. Thanks for any help.
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