4 radios later.....

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Having a real issue with my radio in my 2010 Ram Sport . About 20% of the time my AM/FM doesn't work. I can switch to both and the radio displays the stations but there no sound and the frequency can't be changed. The SAT, HD and CD work, usually. Sometimes I am listening to the radio and it disappears and other times if I switch to AM/FM they are gone. The dealership has replaced the radio 4 times and the amplifier once. I have taken it in when the radio wasnt working but they said there wer no "codes" when they ran a test.
The radio may start working if I shut the vehicle off and start it again but sometimes it may last a couple of trips. Two radios ago my SAT, HD and CD wouldnt work.
Any ideas, the dealership has given up??

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I'm curious, did they check your antenna wiring to the right fender??

It sounds like you have power if the satellite is working, it uses the antenna on your roof.
The cd player & hard drive have power too,
The problem has to be from the antenna plug at the radio to the antenna on the fender, 4 radios can't have all been bad
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