4 wheel low bonehead mistake / question?

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Ok I have to be this months / years winner of the bonehead award. Just came back from a 100 mile trip and as I was backing in driveway noticed the selector was still in 4 wheel low. Made only a few hard turns (before ya ask I did feel it was little tight) but just didn’t register nor see it on the dash. Ran highway speeds and didn’t feel anything while going straight. Truck is 2017 5500 with 33000 miles. What damage can I expect to wake up to tomorrow.
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You did not drive, on the roadways, in 4low. Not possible. Even a blind Nun would notice the Jet engine whine and figure out something was wrong with a max speed of fast crawling.
Far more likely, you hit the 4WD selector when you turned your gear selector knob to Reverse.

How do I know?
Because my sausage thick fingers has done. I noticed it, immediately, as soon as it bound up & got a good laugh.
Imma guessing you're the Bull in the China Shop kinda guy.
Know I am.
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