430 RBZS No video!!!

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My build sheet says I have a 430 RBZS I popped a DVD in the unit and I am getting audio but there is no show video button beside chapters. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the video to show. I can hear the audio but no video. Truck is in park..

2011 ram 1500 sport

RBZS *Uconnect 430 CD/DVD/MP3/HDD

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The Dodge Ram MYGIG radios, 2009 - 2012, Ram truck radios for these years all use a HIGH Speed Can Bus system
all have the Sales Code on the face of the radio
lower right corner by the AUX plug or port

The touch screen radios, by highest to lowest price are
all of the touch screen radios have a place to plug in the tailgate camera, with no need for a fancy adapter to work as originally designed, but if added, the dealership needs to flash the system for it to work
RHR & RER 730 navigation
RHB 430 navigation
RBZ 430
another radio that some people received is the REN 430

non touch screen radios were, these can't play video CDs
RES 130s .... this one has a Phone hard key
RES 130 ..... this one does Not have the phone hard key

these radios are all the same size & are interchangeable they use the same wiring connectors

The only difference is the Bluetooth, ( uconnect ) setup
The 730n radios have internal bluetooth module

The 430 radios & the 130s radio all use the same external bluetooth module

The 130 radio use a different external bluetooth module, it was added as an modification by the radio manufacturer

the above mentioned radios
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