430 RBZS No video!!!

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My build sheet says I have a 430 RBZS I popped a DVD in the unit and I am getting audio but there is no show video button beside chapters. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the video to show. I can hear the audio but no video. Truck is in park..

2011 ram 1500 sport

RBZS *Uconnect 430 CD/DVD/MP3/HDD

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After doing some digging It might have something to do with where the truck was originally sold. Some states don't allow for video playing in a car period. So this feature might have been disabled.

I managed to find out how to get into engineering mode but menu option 5 Radio settings says its not available. Must be something else that needs to be done to get in this menu. Anyone got documentation on on the engineering mode?
Got it..

Found the solution not sure of the reason why.. so if you have have the same issues try this.

Go into the engineering Menu (radio off) Radio+Media+Menu

Choose option 4 then 4.1

I was worried this would wipe out my phone setup but only thing I really killed was photos I had uploaded. Have not check to see if the sat radio is still working yet I don't use it much.
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Wow good tip. I have an RBZ that I purchased from EBay. I've always had video since I'm using a lock pic. Was not aware of that menu option. What version of software do you have?
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There is a menu in Engineering (Radio Adjustment) I can't get access to.. Like to snoop in there and see whats what. Anyone know how to get access?

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I hear ya.. Mine was already updated when I got it.
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