4HI Will Not Remain Engaged

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Hey guys,

I have an 03 RAM 2500 with manual transmission. When I put the transfer case into 4hi, the 4x4 light comes on and everything seemsto be fine. When I start moving, the 4x4 seems completely operational. However, less than a minute into driving the transfer case drops back into 2hi. It happens each and every time.

I hope that this has not been answered in another section of the forums, but I could not find an answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is snow season in Alaska and I need the 4WD operational.

Thanks in Advance,
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Are you sure it is fully engaged? The rubber connectors that hold the transfer case shift rod in place are a joke. I would remove the rod and manually rotate the transfer case to 4hi and see if it holds first.
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