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Has anyone else had an issue while using 4WD Auto that it doesn't engage when the vehicle is started?? I have owned my Ram 1500 since new and this problem occurred within the first 9000km and has happened intermittently since then. On average it will happen about once per month in the winter. When there is snow on the ground I will routinely leave the selector in 4WD auto. Approximately once per month I will notice that the truck is skidding on icy roads and when I look at the cluster I will notice that the 4WD auto light is not illuminated. If I turn the selector to 2WD then back to 4WD auto it will reset or if the vehicle is restarted it will reset. I have had the issue verified by the dealership twice as well as had the issue registered with Chrysler Canada. Today it happened again and I was 1 block from the dealership so I had them verify the issue (this was the second verification from the dealership). My truck now has 133000km on it and even though this has been an ongoing issue since brand new they are now saying that it may not be covered. I have a video of the issue if anyone wants to see it . Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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