5.9 driving me crazy

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New to the site and sorry for the long post but here goes.
I have a "95" ram 1500 w/5.9 it runs great cold but after it warms up it hesitates and sometimes dies from idle to about 1200 rpm after that it does great... Tap the gas pedal sitting still and the rpm will drop to about 200 then level back off to normal in a few seconds..Never set a code and the local dealer is stumped..I've replaced...IAC 3 time with different brands.TPS twice ..CPS..Distributor..CTS..MAP..plugs and wires...O2..and the PCU..Checked voltages on the wiring harness.Checked temp on cat and muffler...Comp is 160/170 on all eight.No vac leaks.Took the TB off cleaned it checked for cracks etc..Fuel pres is 45..Runs like new after about 1200 but get in city traffic and its a different story...
HELP !!!!
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Air temp sensor behind alt in intake.
Ok thanks..Actually started to change it the other day and got side tracked....
not the air temp sensor anybody got any other ideas
How many miles on the cat?
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