5.9 or 5.7?

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Hi, I'm new to the forums and will soon be purchasing another truck. I am looking at 2002-2005 Ram 1500 Off-Road Edition and am trying to decide between the 5.9 or the 5.7. I dropped a 5.9 into my Dakota that I currently drive and have never had a problem besides a Crank Sensor (@177k miles). However the 5.7 has 100 more horsepower and is probably more efficient as it's a newer engine. I am going to be buying a Ram with 80-120k miles on it so I am curious if the 5.9 is as durable as the 5.7?

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Its no more effecient, but it is ALOT more powerful. You get 100 more HP and ooodles more TQ.
What??? The 5.7 is a smaller engine with better fuel mileage and more power, how is that NOT more efficient???

Theyare equal in terms of durability, but the 360 has more long term results, simply because its been around since the late 50's.

The 360 is an LA (Lightweight A) series motor that was introduced in 1971 - I had one in a 1971 Plymouth Sport Fury. The LA series as a whole was introduced in 1964 with the 273. Granted the LA gets it's name from the A-series motor (also referred to as the "Poly-series" motor) which was introduced in 1956 but the only things they actually share are the distributor and the timing chain. Saying the 360 has been around since the late 50's as a durability testament is way misleading - you might as well base the new 392 Hemi's durability on the 57-58 392 early Hemi. In fact, the A and LA series motors were built back in an era when cars as a whole weren't designed to last more than 100,000 miles so neither were the engines - when is the last time you saw a 70 Dart (owned one of those too) going down the road that hasn't been completely rebuilt? If it hasn't, it was blowing smoke and falling apart with 110,000 miles on it.

That being said, the 360 has been around since the 70s, have benefitted from alot of refinements in the Magnum series (roller cams, moly rings, swirl port valves) and some are getting 200,000 plus miles but the technology involved in the 5.7 Hemi is lightyears ahead of the LA/Magnum's like asking should I get an old CRT based TV or a used flat screen?
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