5.9 or 5.7?

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Hi, I'm new to the forums and will soon be purchasing another truck. I am looking at 2002-2005 Ram 1500 Off-Road Edition and am trying to decide between the 5.9 or the 5.7. I dropped a 5.9 into my Dakota that I currently drive and have never had a problem besides a Crank Sensor (@177k miles). However the 5.7 has 100 more horsepower and is probably more efficient as it's a newer engine. I am going to be buying a Ram with 80-120k miles on it so I am curious if the 5.9 is as durable as the 5.7?

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i would get a hemi i was a dodge tech for over 10 years the 360 is very dependable but they get cracks in the cylinder heads between the valve seats quite often and the most i saw with a hemi was a broken exhaust valve spring i have owned both the 5.9 and hemi and 2 diesels i just bought a new 2011 ram with a hemi . so i say hemi or nothing
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