5.9 or 5.7?

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Hi, I'm new to the forums and will soon be purchasing another truck. I am looking at 2002-2005 Ram 1500 Off-Road Edition and am trying to decide between the 5.9 or the 5.7. I dropped a 5.9 into my Dakota that I currently drive and have never had a problem besides a Crank Sensor (@177k miles). However the 5.7 has 100 more horsepower and is probably more efficient as it's a newer engine. I am going to be buying a Ram with 80-120k miles on it so I am curious if the 5.9 is as durable as the 5.7?

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330lb ft.

With the superchips 93 tune it's 333hp and 365lb ft for the 2008 and up 4.7L. Pretty much the older hemi more or less...and with the truck being a few hundred pounds lighter it basically is the same.

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Yeah that's the only thing I can say, the 5.9 is cheaper than the Hemi, by the way the Hemi has 345 HP not 315, the new (2008) 4.7 has 302 hp, so it's 43 less.

Not trying to be a dick, just saying it has 345
^The new 4.7L (2008 and up) actually has 310hp, so your both wrong :) it's shy of the old hemi by 35hp. It has 330lb ft though and I think that's a closer gap to the old hemi.
yeah I am retarded, went to double check the #'s and looked at Tq instead of Hp.:doh:
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